Canciones Temporada 1

Episodio 1: A Hard Day’s Night

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Portions For Foxes Rilo Kiley
Super Cool Bang Sugar Bang
They Jem
Dance O.A.O.T.S.
Ready to Rise Vaughan Penn
Life is Short Butterfly Boucher
Into the Fire Thirteen Sense

Episodio 2: The First Cut is the Deepest

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You Wouldn’t Like Me Tegan and Sara
Sister Kate The Ditty Bops
Live and Learn The Cardigans
Wait Get Set Go
Somewhere Only We Know Keane

Episodio 3: Winning a Battle, Losing the War

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There’s a Girl The Ditty Bops
I Won’t Be Left Tegan and Sara
Wishful Thinking The Ditty Bops
You Are My Joy Reindeer Section
Fools Like Me Lisa Loeb

Episodio 4: No Man’s Land

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Could Be Anything The Eames Era
Let Myself Fall Rosie Thomas
Break Your Heart Get Set Go
Truth Vaughan Penn
Sunday Sia
Where Does the Good Go Tegan and Sara

Episodio 6: If Tomorrow Never Comes

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Save Me Jem
Chapter PSAPP
Walk or Ride Ditty Bops
Never Leave Your Heart Alone Butterfly Boucher

Episodio 7: The Self-Destruct Button

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Wish I Jem
Downtown Tegan and Sara
Suitcase Joe Purdy
Hummingbird Wilco

Episodio 8: Save Me

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Fix You U Tegan and Sara
No Illusions 78 Saab
I Love the Rain the Most Joe Purdy
Rapture Laura Veirs
Feels Like Masha Qrella
David Nellie McKay

Episodio 9: Who’s Zoomin’ Who

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Big As The Sky A.M. Sixty
The Dog Song Nellie McKay
Naked As We Came Iron & Wine
Whatever Gets You Through Today The Radio

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